Our displays are custom designed to work with your event.  We work to provide an outstanding  and magical experience for you and your guests.

Pricing is determined from the ranch in Midlothian  We require a 2 hour minimum for local events. (50 Miles)  Of course as the distance from the ranch increases  so does the price.

The booking price is all inclusive and has no additional costs.

Our display times begin per the scheduled contract time.  The pen is not broken down until the time reserved is over.  If you booked us for 4 hours you get 4 full hours of display time.  Set up and take down takes approximately 1 hour each.  For a 4 hour display we will be on site for approximately 6 hours total. 

We offer seasonal leases.  Our reindeer have the required USDA and Texas Animal Health Commission certifications which allows the reindeer to travel out of Texas for displays.